Saturday, October 12, 2013

"Hands Down" I Have a Great Bunch!

So every year we try and come up with a beginning of the year activity where the kids tell a little about themselves. This year my partner teacher, Pam, found this pin on Pinterest. This looked colorful and fun!

So we took that idea and decided to have the kids make a hand about them and color it with words and pictures that represented them. (Of course, we did a circle map first so they could organize their thoughts)
Our students really had a blast tracing their hands and cutting them out! (We don't get to do enough of that now a days!!) 

Here is how they turned out! 

I loved how unique they all turned out. I also let them share their "hand" with their table groups before we put them up. 

So what types of activities do you do on the first few days of the school year as a get to know you activity? Comment below :-)