Monday, July 20, 2015

Monday Made It-Return to teaching!

Hi all!
As I stated in my last post, I have decided that one year of "retirement" was enough! It was really silly of me to think I could retire early. I MISSED it! So I brushed off the resume and started my search. I was so fortunate to receive multiple offers but in the end I decided to go with a job in my hometown. I just love the fact we moved to a small farming town!!! So this school year, I will be teaching 3rd grade.

Long story short, I need to remake EVERYTHING! (I thought I was retiring right?!) Oops! I am glad that two new teachers in California are using my old stuff and were able to take it off my hands. This leaves me with starting all over again. I am excited at the idea of everything being fresh and new. I did get rid of a lot of "stuff" that was collecting dust.

So here we go for this week of Monday Made It. I will show a little at a time as I am making and creating a lot.

My first "Made It" is a home one. We celebrated my parents 50th anniversary in June. They are coming to visit this week so I had to get this done. I had their guests make a comment on little wood hearts and then made this frame with their invitation. I hot glued the hearts on the backing after I attached some burlap over it. I am also including a picture of the main table that my sister-in-law helped me make for their party. Everything was handmade.

My "Made It" two makes me so happy! I have the best neighbors around. Not only is my friend helping me put my new class together, but she provided me with a table. I wanted a teacher table to pull my students back to work with me. I use one all the time throughout the day. Well, there was not one available at my new school. So to solve the problem, we took a round table that my friend had in her garage and made one! Literally, she came up with the idea and voila-in one day I had this back. Her husband and dad cut out a piece and made it shorter to fit my littles easier. 

Here is what it looked like:
This is one I found online because we forgot to take a picture. Nice table but not a fit just yet. Here is where the magic happened….

Isn't it great?! Well it is almost ready. It needed to be painted to match my room decor. I chose black because it will last through my changes I tend to make to my colors in my classroom. This will have to last for awhile. Well you might be thinking. What a lot of work to sand and paint that table. NOPE! I found an idea online (I forget where!) to use this primer.

I instilled my lovely husband to use his paint sprayer to cover it. No sanding needed! Yes, it works. We put a heavy coat of primer and let it dry over night. Here is what it looked like when done (minus the leaf). Sorry about the shadow. It was late. 

Then, he woke up bright and early and painted the table a lovely shade of black! Here is how it turned out. I LOVE IT! Now I need to make some crate seats to put around it. I can't wait to show you my room reveal when I am done. 

Well since we had the spray gun out, I had him spray my rocking chair find too. I wanted a chair for my carpet area with my easel for morning meeting and group instruction. I also didn't want to pay a lot for a chair. I was so THRILLED to find this rocking chair on craigslist for $20! My son cringed that I was going to paint it. Of course, it has to match! I forgot to take a picture of the before. You can imagine a match to that oak varnished table above. Not happening in this classroom! This is with the coat of primer. 

There is that shadow again! 

I decided to paint it turquoise ("Key Largo"). A great pop of color in my class is exactly what it needed. So here is the final product. I love it!

That is it for today. I have several more projects I am working on and will spread it over a few Mondays. Here is a sneak peak...Can you guess what I am making??

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Keep Learning!