Saturday, September 3, 2016

Classroom Reveal!

Hello All!

Well I am through the second week of school. It has been a whirlwind. Meet the Teacher Night, First Day, First Week… Even though this is year 16 for me, I always forget (selective forgetfulness I think) how long everything takes in the first weeks of school. I love having my kiddos in a routine!

Here is a peek into my classroom this year. (New room and color on the cabinets). I stuck with my beloved polka dots. I just love them! (Lots of pictures alert!!)

Welcome to my class!
Here is the wall as you enter my classroom. The students make their lunch choice and it is also a way to take attendance quickly. We keep our "Ask Me" necklaces there and bathroom/office checkout is here.

Here is the view as you enter.
Little stools are nicely tucked under the tables :-)

Writing supplies. This board will be used for our Growth Mindset activities.

Soon this will be covered in post-its with examples from the students.

To the left, you can see our carpet area where we do lots of mini-lessons.

Small group area

Don't you just LOVE this bulletin board paper?! 
Soon this board will have each students writing displayed.
My after school desk (I rarely get to sit down during the day). Student reading couch I inherited from another teacher. Love hand-me downs!

A little about me! The kids love knowing I was a kid just like them once :-)

 I am so excited that my new room is big enough to have two work tables and some alternative seating space! I am currently writing a grant with my team to get some other options too.

Our turn in box and mailboxes.

This was an idea I got from a teacher several years ago (Thanks Sonia!). They are velcroed onto the desk. Only the supplies we use regularly during the day go in here. Saves lots of time!!

Group signs

This area above their cubbies is a work in progress. It currently is used as storage and a makeshift book shelf. I plan to hang a clothesline up to hang my students art work up. Hopefully it will brighten up this drab wall!

That's all for now! Hope you enjoyed a sneak peek into my 3rd grade classroom!