Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Is this the end???...

Well in June I had to do this...

Our family has moved to Idaho so I had to make the hard decision to leave this profession. My "job" as a teacher has meant everything to me. From my first day subbing, I knew that this is what I wanted to do with my life. For 13 years, I had the honor of teaching grades 1-6 and meeting some of the best kids, parents, teaching partners, and educators. It was not an easy decision to leave but now I get to be there for my two boys in a way I always wished I could. 

So my new adventure begins and even though I am not in the classroom, I plan on staying a part of it through TpT. I want to create items that will be helpful to teachers for free or at a very low cost. I also will be starting a new blog that will cover more of the crafts and adventures of a stay at home former teacher mom! 

My hats are off to all of you as the summer is coming to a close soon and you are probably already thinking of how to design your classrooms and lessons for the upcoming year. This August will be a strange transition for me but I look forward to helping you! Please feel free to email me or post with any needs you have for your classrooms. 

Teach for Life,