Wednesday, March 25, 2015

I'm Back!

Hello All! I've missed you!

Well, I had a feeling early "retirement" would not sit well with this teacher. In my last post (almost a year ago!), I spoke about moving to Idaho and retiring to be a stay at home mom (of teenagers that are never home! Go figure!!).

Well...a few months into it and I was subbing at the local school district. I really miss having my own class, collaborating with my colleagues, and most importantly-THE KIDS! This teacher misses helping children find their love of learning.

So....I have started the job hunt for a full time position. I brushed off my resume, got my letters of recommendation ready and now am searching for that "just right" position. Wish me luck as I haven't interviewed in many years! If you have any interviewing tips, please post them below. I appreciate any help on this topic.

Stay tuned!! Hopefully I will have good news to spread soon!!

Keep Learning!